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Every single backpacking trip is unique. We could hike the same trail a hundred times and have a hundred totally different experiences (but luckily, with so many beautiful trails in the world, we don’t need to!).

On every adventure, we get to see each hiker step into their true confidence and connect with the trail in genuine and transformative ways.

For me, witnessing new hikers transform into confident backpackers who know wholeheartedly that they belong in the wilderness is the most rewarding part of every trip I lead. 

I hope you’ll join me this year, and find out what you’re really made of!

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frequently asked questions

Our trips are for someone who is ready for a challenging and empowering experience, searching for a new adventure, and looking to achieve new goals and share in a community of amazing like-minded people. 

If you’re ready for an adventure, we have a trip for you! Some of our experiences include: overnight beginner training sessions, multi day trips that will teach you the core skills of backpacking, adventures for intermediate backpackers who are just looking for like minded people to enjoy the trail with, and experienced backpacker options to push you to the next level.

Backpacking Beyond will provide you with a detailed gear and equipment list as well as a video walking you through everything you’ll need for a 3-day backpacking trip.  We will also assist you as you purchase or rent gear and provide you with any information or details you may need.

We’ve got you! You will be provided with a sample menu as well as a video walking you through all the food you’ll need for a weekend. 

Although we don’t know your situation personally, we do everything we can to get you safely prepared by providing you with trainings and tips prior to the trip. 

We try to keep our trips between 6 and 8 hikers with 2 guides. 

We’re here to build strong, confident adventurers. When you backpack with us you’ll learn all the basics as well as travel with knowledgeable and experienced Wilderness First Aid Certified guides who are here to answer questions, support you in your preparation and training, and get you ready to start planning your own trips–solo or with a group.

Traveling with us also means having the peace of mind of knowing you’re with trained professionals. Many of our trips are in areas with risks that may include sudden weather changes, wildlife, heat and cold considerations, elevation sickness, and more. Relax and leave the planning and backcountry preparation to us.

Our team of professional guides never expects, but always appreciates a tip!  Industry standard gratuity for a guided backpacking trip is 15-20% of the trip cost and can be gifted via cash or Venmo.


With breathtaking views and climbs, hiking the North Shore with Backpacking Beyond was an epic adventure! Monica’s passion for the trail is contagious; it left me with lifelong memories, new and old friends, and greater respect for the thrill of backpacking. So grateful for Monica’s energetic expertise and leadership!

– Beth L