SHT Crosby-Manitou SP to Oberg Mountain

Trip Details

Trip Dates – June 10th – June 13th

Trip Length – 4 Days/3 Nights

Trail Mileage – 36 Miles

Difficulty – Intermediate

Group Size – 6 people

Cost – The cost of the trip will be waved. One time deal. You will be responsible for getting to the trailhead. Shuttle fee and food.


Throughout the trip I will share my knowledge and experience. These are some of the items we will talk about.

  • Leave No Trace Rules
  • Tips and tricks at camp
  • Safe food storage
  • Water Filtration methods
  • Navigating the trail through blazing, trail signs and maps. Google does have the the Superior Hiking Trail and the campsites which is nice.

June 10th

We will meet at Crosby-Manitou SP at 2pm. A shuttle will pick us up and drop us off at the Oberg Mountain trailhead.

Hike .5 miles to Onion River campsite which is set in the woods above Onion River. We will have some time for exploring and camp time.

June 11th

Hike 12.6 miles from Onion River to Cross River Campsite with a short side trip to the waterfalls of Temperance River.

Let’s keep our eyes open for moose in this area. I am due a moose sighting. Views of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands which are 30 miles away will make for a great morning.

We will have lunch on top of Carlton Peak. Carlton Peak is one of the high points on the North Shore. There are dramatic inland views and beautiful lake views.

After lunch we head towards Temperance River State Park. We are going to take a side trip to the rushing waterfalls of the Temperance River. We will take time for exploring and pictures. This state park was my first North Shore experience and I was shocked we have this kind of beauty in the Midwest.

We will get into camp on the late side. Dinner and to bed.

June 12th

Hike 13.6 from Cross River to East Caribou River Campsite

We start off the day following Cross River for about a mile, moving up and down steep bluffs. I love this section. We cross through Alfred’s Pond which has a floating walkway. This walkway lifts you above the bogs to preserve the bog and keep us dry. A bog is a type of wetland.

We cross over the small but very cool covered bridge over Crystal Creek. We camp for the night on a hill above Caribou River.

We will be tired and ready for backpackers midnight.

June 13th –

Hike 7.9 to Crosby-Manitou State Park

We start in the beautiful Caribou River Gorge followed by one of my favorite parts of the trail, the Horseshoe Ridge, which is a challenging section but worth it. We will have amazing views of both the inland ridges and rivers. The views of Lake Superior always make me smile. This is a rugged section, but we will have all day to make the miles.

Hike to the cars for a cold beverage and a fist bump for finishing! is a great resource for information if you like to dig into maps. I personally use the “Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail- 8th Edition. The Databook and Atlas are new and are probably great. You do not need a map! There is a SHT mapping App for Android only.

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