SHT – Fall Colors Sept 24 – 26

Trip Details

Trip Length – 3 Days/2 Nights

Sections – Caribou Trail to Co Road 45 near Cascade River State Park

Trail Mileage – 20 miles with a 1.6 mile spur (optional)

Difficulty – Beginner

Group Size – 7 People

Cost – The cost of the trip will be waved (One time deal). You will be responsible for getting to the trailhead. Shuttle fee and food.


Throughout the trip I will share my knowledge and experience. These are some of the items we will talk about.

  • Leave No Trace Rules
  • Tips and tricks at camp
  • Safe food storage
  • Water Filtration methods
  • Navigating the trail through blazing, trail signs and maps. Google does have the the Superior Hiking Trail and the campsites which is nice.

Sept 24rd –

Let’s meet at 10am at the County Road 45 trailhead. We will be picked up at 11am and shuttled to the Lutsen Mountain trailhead.

We will have a 5.4-mile hike to the East Lake Agnes campsite. I LOVE this site. There is an option to do a short spur trial after getting to camp to an AMAZING overview. We can do this pack free. It is called the Whit Sky Rock overview. Google it.

The trail winds through the Poplar River Valley. The fall color views should be breathtaking. We pass by West Lake Agnes and arrive at East Lake Agnes shortly after to find our tent pads and unpack. It is a busy site but worth it. Sunset dinner by the lake.

Sept 25th –

Big Day! Hike 8.5 miles or continue 3.1 miles past if the group wants to push on.

We get to enjoy a great ridgeline with tons of Lake Superior views along with inland views of the magical Minnesota mountains. We enter Cascade River State Park and find camp. The 8.5 mile camp is Indian Camp Creek and the following site is Trout Creek which is nice.

Sept 26th –

Depending on where we end on the 25th mileage will be 6.1 or 3 miles to the car.

Let’s end with a relaxing hike up the Cascade River and enjoy the waterfalls.

Cold beverage at the car and a high five for finishing! is a great resource for information if you like to dig into maps. I personally use the “Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail- 8th Edition”. The Databook and Atlas are new and are probably great. You do not need a map! And there is a SHT mapping App for Android only.

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