hi, i'm monica

My mission, purpose, and passion is to inspire you to get on the trail!

I created “Backpacking Beyond” to share my experience and to motivate others with knowledge, support and the opportunity to build their skills and prepare for a lifetime of adventure.

I’ve always loved being in the wilderness, ever since I was a scrappy kid climbing trees & sleeping in my tent in the backyard. But life took its twists and turns and, at 37, I was in a bad place. Drugs and alcohol had taken over my life, and when I started my recovery journey, it felt like my soul was irrevocably broken.

In recovery, I learned that I could do hard things. I could overcome fear. I learned that I had a place in the world and that who I am is good enough.
The trail gave me something I couldn’t get anywhere else. Then and now, it empowers me to push myself without holding back. Backpacking provided the missing link in my life, and cleared the way for me to find true joy and freedom. I’m my best self on the trail and now, I’m living my best life. If I can do it, so can you!

On every trail I hike, I walk in the footsteps of those who followed the same path before me. Each of us was brought to that narrow stretch of dirt from a different place, for a different reason, yet we learn so much from each other when we share our stories, and all the gifts that nature provides.

If you are interested in starting to backpack or just want to find some like-minded people to adventure with, check out my upcoming trips and join me. Happy Trails!


CEO & Founder

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