Monica Wade Owner/Guide/WFR

I created “Backpacking Beyond” not only to share my experiences on the trail, but also to inspire others with the beautiful images those miles have given me.  Whenever I hike a trail, I see the footprints of those who have followed that same path.  Each of us has our own reason for walking that narrow stretch of dirt, or following that path less traveled, yet we can still share with one another the joys of nature and the gifts it provides. 

Backpacking has become a new way of life for me. It gives me a clear vision and a new drive to get more out of life. I am a woman in my 50’s and I’m living my best life. You can too.

If you are interested in starting to backpack or just want to find some like-minded people to backpack with, please check out  the “Join A Trip” page and find the perfect trip and join me on the trail.

Happy Trails!

Testimonial –

Monica was knowledgeable and confident on the trail. I knew I could trust the information she was giving me and that I could use the skills going forward in future experiences on trail. She leaves room for the journey, while still adhering to a plan. Melanie Y.

Testimonial –

If you’re a beginner and just getting started in Hiking, I can assure you, Monica knows a thing or two. She speaks from experience and shared important details for picking out the right equipment. She educated me about my backpack, poles, clothing, shoes, and more. I walked away feeling confident I chose the right gear and I’m ready to hit the trails! Kim K.

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