Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t.” – Unknown

Testimonial –

Monica was knowledgeable and confident on the trail. I knew I could trust the information she was giving me and that I could use the skills going forward in future experiences on trail. She leaves room for the journey, while still adhering to a plan.

Testimonial –

If you’re a beginner and just getting started in Hiking, I can assure you, Monica knows a thing or two. She speaks from experience and shared important details for picking out the right equipment. She educated me about my backpack, poles, clothing, shoes, and more. I walked away feeling confident I chose the right gear and I’m ready to hit the trails!

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Check out this John Muir Trail Hiker Coin! I thought it looked cool online but when I received mine I was really impressed with the quality and the size of the coin.

The Rugged Outdoorsmen is a Father/Son team that created these coins to remind us of an epic adventure. It’s a great gift to share with your follow hikers at the end of a hard summit or when you finish those last few miles of your thru-hike. Check them out!

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