Experience life on the trail​

It’s not just an adventure– It’s life without fear.

How many times have you gazed off into distant mountains, flipped through an outdoor magazine, or looked at a friend’s backpacking photos with envy, wishing you were out there too?

How many times have you told yourself that it wasn’t for you? That you’re “not that kind of person?”

That mindset ends today.

Welcome to Backpacking Beyond!

My name is Monica, and what I do is build your confidence, empower you, and create joy-filled experiences on the trail that carry over into the rest of your life.
Once you see what you are truly capable of, you’ll know there’s nothing that you can’t take on!
Sure, I’ll teach you what you need to know about backpacking in gorgeous, remote locations… but you can learn that from anyone.

What I do best is to help you take on fear and overcome self-doubt. I may not know you yet, but I already know you can do this. How do I know? Because we’re going to do it together, one step at a time. With the right support, you can achieve what has always been inside you.

If we don’t take that first step, we never know how far we’ll go.

Together we can turn dreams into goals and goals into accomplishments.


Winter Snowshoe Trip
Grand Marias,MN

February 21 - February 23, 2025

Grand Canyon -
Rim To Rim 2025

September 18 - September 22, 2025

grand Canon -
Rim to Rim 2024

September 12 - September 15,2024


Before we headed out on the trail with Backpacking Beyond, I believed I was a strong, independent woman. After we returned, I was a strong, independent woman who believed I could conquer the world! Monica from Backpacking Beyond gave me the confidence I needed to take my adventures to a whole new level. She was organized and confident but most importantly passionate about what she is doing with her life and these trips. I will forever be grateful to her for the learnings and the adventure!

– Tammy T

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    Where else can you spend quality time with like-minded people? Share your experiences in the back county, life stories, and interests with others.


    Travel to incredible, remote locations. Our itineraries are challenging and may push you farther (in the best way!) than you would push yourself on your own.

    Learn to backpack

    Develop core backpacking skills including gear recommendations, meal planning, map reading, following trail signs, and more!

    Save money

    No more trial and error. We can help you avoid unwanted gear purchases and streamline your shopping. 

    Save time

    Let us take care of all the logistics for your backcountry adventure including permits and travel considerations.

    Trained leaders

    Our guides are dedicated professionals with Wilderness First Responder certifications and extensive training.

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